Keep on Dreaming

Eric AtkinsPastor's Blog

As I looked at my watch, I suddenly realized that I was already fifteen minutes late. Picking up my son from school is a new thing for both of us. He is now in high school and no longer on the same campus as my wife. So, I hurry to my vehicle and step on it. At the first chance, I sent a text message letting him know I was on the way.

On my drive, I remembered a time when my dad was running late to pick me up. When you’re in second grade ten minutes feels like ten hours. The longer I waited the more upset I became. I’m not sure if high anxiety increases your creativity but I was dreaming of all kinds of ways to contact my dad including a watch that I could use to call him. Maybe I had seen a Dick Tracy comic with his two-way watch. Or, it was the numbers on a Casio calculator watch that looked like a phone. How awesome it would be to have a watch phone. Almost in perfect timing with my thoughts, my wrist began to buzz and I could answer the call of my worried son who had left his phone at home and had know idea where I was. My dream had come true.

Now, I know my smart watch must be connected to my smart phone to work in this smart way, but it is still pretty cool. What have you been dreaming? What have you wished God would do in your life? Have you been dreaming about what God can do in the church? Ephesians 3:20-21 reminds us that God can do far more than we can imagine for His glory in the church.

It would have been great to have a cell phone in my pocket thirty years ago instead of thinking I had been left at school forever. God’s timing is always perfect. Keep dreaming and wait on His timing.