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You can change your financial future

With January right around the corner, you may be feeling the squeeze in your December budget. You made it through Christmas, but it seems those present purchases caught you by surprise this year… again. Or, maybe you feel that way at the end of every month with money. Can I let you in on a little secret, you’re not alone. Sixty-three percent of people in the US live paycheck to paycheck. Credit card balances have skyrocketed over the last year and, as a result, the total credit card debt is nearing one trillion dollars. Let me write that out…


There is no doubt people are struggling to have enough money for the month. Here’s something you need to know: You don’t have to live with chaos at the end of the month! There is another way. As one person said, “it’s God’s and grandma’s way of handling money.” 

Money and the Bible

The Bible has a lot to say about money. Over 2,300 verses deal with the topic of money, wealth, and possessions. To put that in perspective, there are only around 500 verses that deal with faith and prayer. Why? I agree with a writer at, “Because God knows that our attitude toward money is an indication of where our heart is with God. We will either follow after gold or God and we cannot serve two masters. We will either turn to our wallet or our worship when we look to the source of our security. But we have to remember: Money is to be a resource, but it is not to be My Source.” 

As followers of Jesus, God calls us to be faithful managers of the resources He has given to us. What I’ve discovered is for most people money controls them instead of being controlled by them.  

Are you tired of the end of month shuffle? Are you worried that you’ll never get ahead? Maybe you’re wondering if you will ever be able to retire? Or, maybe you need to just see a way out of the mess and stress of money problems. There is a way to take control of your finances and realize your financial dreams. It all starts with a few simple steps. 

If you want to know more, please contact me. I want to guide you through the chaos and help you find financial peace. You can start by meeting with me one-on-one. The church is here to help, as well. We are planning some special events for next year and, in the near future, we will offer Financial Peace University by Ramsey Solutions.

May God bless you this Christmas season and I pray you have a happy new year! 

Pastor Eric