Book Look – January 2023

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Sometimes people ask me what I’m currently reading. So, each month I’ll post a new “book look” and maybe you would be encouraged by reading the same books. For preaching and teaching: For fun: For … Read More

More month, less money

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There is no doubt people are struggling to have enough money for the month. Here’s something you need to know: You don’t have to live with chaos at the end of the month! There is another way.

Keep on Dreaming

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What have you wished God would do in your life? God’s timing is always perfect. Keep dreaming and wait for God’s timing.

Pastors Notes >> Week 34

Eric AtkinsPastor's Blog How To Engage Non-Believers: 5 Insights

The Cost of Discipleship

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Jesus expects His followers to be obedient even to the point of death-that is the cost of discipleship. We are not exempt from Jesus’ call to take our cross when we follow Him.

Can I Encourage my Pastor?

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In preparing for recent sermon, I read a very good article titled “How to Encourage Your Pastor”. Read the linked article to learn how you can encourage your pastor without even saying a word.