This story begins 50 years ago. That’s right! We’ve been using the same piano for around 2,600 Sunday morning services!

And now it's time for a restoration.

Give in honor and memory of all those who have helped us worship by using their God-given ability to play the piano.


Ms. Clara Carroll recently told me the story of how we found and purchased this beautiful Kawai piano. She had been looking for a new piano to replace the upright that the church had been using. On one particular trip into town, she had planned to go by Burger’s and look at new pianos. She decided that she would look another day, but she felt that God was telling her to turn around and go back to the store. So, she listened and obeyed.

Once at the store, she saw the Kawai piano. It had been damaged and in only the way Ms. Clara can, she struck up a deal with Mr. Burger and the church purchased the piano. Now, many of you probably didn’t know that the piano was damaged. You have to know where to look, but there is a surface crack on the body of the piano and the side of the lid which does not affect the playability or sound. Now here's the amazing part, the church only paid $1,700.00 dollars for the piano. God has always blessed His church and that was a huge blessing. If we were to purchase a new piano of the same quality today, we would spend approximately $30,000.

Now 50 years of use does take its toll on a piano. We recently decided to have the piano rebuilt from the ground up. Because of the effects of previously uncontrolled humidity, the strings are breaking due to rust and its ability to hold a tune has been compromised. Walker Piano Service has been contracted to do a complete restoration. From the action, strings, tuning pins and everything in between, the piano will be as good as new and ready for another 50 years of service. This does come with a cost.

We need to raise $3,500.00 dollars to cover the repair work. I want to encourage everyone to consider donating toward this cause. Give in honor and memory of all those who have helped us worship by using their God-given ability to play the piano. Give for all the aspiring musicians who will lead us in the future.

You can give today by clicking the button below. Please make sure to choose Piano Fund. If you would like to give in honor or memory of someone, please make a note in the memo section.