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Prioritizing the 2015 LMCO

by Eric Atkins

We understand that the 2015 Lotte Moon Christmas Offering will not insure that current missionaries will stay on the field, but it will make the statement that we are willing to sacrifice. This is our challenge: let’s make an effort to make the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering a priority in 2015 and set our giving goals to a sacrificial level.

LMCO Week of Prayer >> Day 6

by Eric Atkins

IMB missionaries Rodney and Helen Cregg* have partnered in establishing the activity center in the middle of a notorious red-light district that offers prostitutes a place to learn basic skills. (*names changed)

LMCO Week of Prayer >> Day 4

by Eric Atkins

“I think that’s the neatest thing about having patients that live here in town…it leads to opportunities for relationship and gospel sharing.”

LMCO Week of Prayer >> Day 1

by Eric Atkins
week of prayer day 1

Brian and his wife, Becky, and four children live on the water’s edge solely to reach the approximately 300,000 Makhuwa Nahara people with the gospel.

Service Time Change

by Eric Atkins

Due to anticipated refreezing on roads, our bridge and sidewalks, we will have one service at 2pm tomorrow.

Fall Revival

by Eric Atkins

Our Fall Revival will start on Sunday, October 25th and continue each night through October 28th. Our speaker will be Morris Anderson.

God’s Design for Marriage

by Eric Atkins

Last Sunday was a turning point in many churches in America. I wanted you to be clear on my understanding of biblical marriage in last Sunday’s message.